Collection: Artist: Theresa Reuter

  • I realized at some point that I was motivated to capture the life within the subjects that I was drawing or painting and early on I did a series of trees and I painted them without leaves to see the structure and growth patterns reaching and spiraling towards the sky.

    The feeling of movement seemed to come naturally in my work.

    Horses are one of my favorite subjects for expressing movement power grace and my love of them. By throwing and spinning the paint each painting reveals something new and I use this natural characteristic of the medium as inspiration to paint anything that moves. I imagine what animal, bird or any subject…is in the paint that is wanting to come to life…Or the pour can be incorporated as an accent behind or around the subject.  I hope for others to find a personal connection with my work and feel the energy within them.

    I moved to the mountains 19 years ago after teaching Art for 16 years in my hometown in Upstate New York. I have my master’s in art education and my bachelor’s degree in Illustration from CCAD in Columbus Ohio. I have been painting full time ever since I moved to Brevard NC.…

    I have been in and out of many different galleries and shops since moving here. I have traveled doing outside festivals and selling at Horse shows. I was invited to show at the Haen Gallery here in Brevard and sold three large paintings there. I painted scenes of the Farmers market on the spot where I had a booth and sold my paintings and jewelry. I do many commissions for portraits and animals and landscapes. I paint birds, horses and trees. I love it all. I painted a portrait of Gaylord Parry’s wife, and I did a painting of Steve Martin and the man who bought the painting had it signed by Steve Martin. 

  • Artist:  Theresa Reuter