Lucy ClarkLucy Clark came from a family of opposites. Her Mother's heritage being of Italian descent was steeped in the tradition of creating from cloth those things that most of us only dream of. Her Grandmother Pellegreene, a fine tailor, taught Lucy's Mom the art of sewing and though she attempted to teach Lucy, the project failed.  

Lucy looked high and low for her creative outlet, until one day, she met and studied with a master potter in St. Augustine by the name of Worley Faver. Through the proceeding years, she developed her own skill as a hand build ceramicist.  Moreover, Lucy found a passion for a skill her Father's side of the family embraced; the written word.

She began a blog at the ripe age of 50 and continues her weekly missives through the distribution of the gallery email which shows up at 7:15 am every Sunday morning. With a publishing date sometime in 2024, Lucy will offer a book containing some of her writings along with the photography that inspired them.  

Her foray into mixed media include Clay, Jewelry, Photography, Writing and being honored to represent over 40 artists in the gallery which began as a two-person working studio space in Brevard, North Carolina. Through a passion for service and art, Lucy has combined those treasures and created a sanctuary for the soul and a feast for the eyes known as The Lucy Clark Gallery and Studio.