Collection: Artist: Steven Segal

  • I've been weaving for about 20 years. My fascination with fiber and yarns started after visiting a farm show. There I was introduced to alpacas, and how their fleece was shorn, cleaned, spun, and turned into beautiful garments by knitting and weaving.

    The entire process fascinated me so I had to learn more. Not only did I start weaving with a fervor, but I also bought a herd of fiber animals, decided to co-publish a fiber magazine, bought a bunch of looms, and opened my own studio/retail space.

    I enjoy all aspects of weaving but tend to concentrate on using natural fibers such as bamboo, silk, and Tencel (a blend of natural fibers). I weave these fibers together to create unique designs for both men and women.

    Before becoming a weaver I was a graphic designer. The skills I learned in that industry were beneficial in forming my understanding of how colors and patterns behaved in the textile field.

    Each project presents different challenges. Every pattern I create takes into account the weight and style and color of yarn, and how that yarn will interact with others in the same project. Plus of course how it will look on the wearer! 

  • Artist:  Steven Segal