Collection: Artist: Raymond Vennare

  • When I was young, I was obsessed with the study of archaeology, anthropology and art. The tangible artifacts left behind by those who came before us. I was devoted to aesthetics and comparative mythology. I was enamored with philosophy and the universal mind. The evolution of the human race. The history of Man. The rise and fall and destiny of societies and cultures. 

    My work has since come to embody those interests and to symbolize that journey. A metaphorical excavation. A process of discovery and conceptual archaeology. These paintings are revealed to me one layer at a time. They are not painted but uncovered. They are exposed. They are unveiled. 

    I do not compose or render; I unearth and I explore.

    -- Raymond F. Vennare, June 2020
    For a video of Raymond speaking about his process please follow the link below.

  • Artist: Raymond Vennare