Collection: Artist: Lucy Clark

  • Lucy Clark
    Mixed Media Artist
    Owner, The Lucy Clark Gallery & Studio

    Lucy has brought all that she has learned as an artist, massage therapist and business owner together, culminating in the beautiful space that is known as The Lucy Clark Gallery & Studio.  

    What started almost 14 years ago with a few hand build pottery lessons has grown into a calling that continues to grow with each piece of art that she creates. Her love of the Southwest Pueblo style of pottery has grown and expanded into ceramic vessels, wall sculptures, handmade jewelry, photography and writing. Every medium feeds the next vision, the next creation, the next step in her evolution as an artist.

    Being able to have a working artist space within the gallery serves her well as she can keep her hands muddy while bringing the beauty of not only her work but that of a number of local and national artists to the lovely community of Brevard, North Carolina.  

  • Artist: Lucy Clark