Artist: Kady Hendrix


Kathleen Griffin Hendrix, better known as Kady, is a talented artist from the Carolinas.  In the later part of her career in speech pathology, she decided to pursue her dream of becoming an artist. Being encouraged by amazing artists, teachers and especially supportive family; her vision of becoming an artist slowly took a focused direction. She is drawn to emotions, weather, horizons and landscapes. She is from a family filled with generations of artists, I grew up with an adoration for art from my generations of family artists throughout Alabama , South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia and Montana. 

 In the last several years she has had a very focused journey in her study of painting. During the last ten years, she has studied extensively with numerous artists to hone her skills.  As an impressionistic and abstract painter, her work evokes feelings of surprise, relaxation and happiness.  This emotional response is the keystone to experiencing art. She believes that art resonates with the viewer, who then plays an active roll in the painting. This adds greater meaning to her art as one interprets the composition and draws upon their own experience.