Collection: Artist: Jeff Ripple

  • I am dedicated to a poetic realism in landscape painting. For me, that is the artistic union of an accurate depiction of a scene infused by my emotional response to the light and atmosphere on that landscape. My style involves carefully planned drawings, a reliance on sketches and studies painted in nature to inform studio work, and a treatment of light and atmosphere reminiscent of 19th Century artists working in the uniquely American Luminist tradition. Evidence of a human presence is often absent or subordinated in my landscapes.

    I sketch and paint regularly in nature (en plein air). My field work usually involves applying a lot of paint quickly to attain accurate color, values, and forms while seeking specificity in my scene or subject. I then refine those ideas as time permits with a focus on atmosphere and achieving depth. My work in the studio evolves from graphite composition sketches, field studies (paintings and drawings done outside), video and photographs. Studio paintings are generally more contemplative with carefully rendered underpaintings and layers of glazing to achieve a luminous mood and atmosphere. Many studio paintings are from imagination, drawing from experiences, contemplation and a sense of wonder in the landscape. Sizes of paintings range from 6x8” outdoor studies to studio works more than 6’ wide. Commissions are welcome.

  • Artist: Jeff Ripple