Collection: Artist: Jane Susinka

  • I use archival bookbinder’s board, a sharp knife, and pH neutral adhesive to turn a flat piece of material into a square, level, plumb, straight, and absolutely perfect box. At least, that’s my intention. (Wabi-sabi does not come easily to me.) 

    Once the box is constructed, I choose from my ever-expanding stash of paper which comes from places like Nepal, Japan, the UK, and various other exotic locales. Every paper is a different challenge, depending on the type, weight, size, grain, and color or pattern. Some patterns allow for a simple decorative piece on the lid. Others want some altogether different bauble or whatnot which can require some problem-solving skills to attach. 

    The creative struggles to overcome the perfectionist with minimal wailing and gnashing. With any luck, a beautiful box emerges.

  • Jane among a collection of her creations