Collection: Artist: Deb Karash

  • In order to bring color to metal I use a technique more often used on paper. I create colorful jewelry by drawing on metal with Prismacolor pencils. A fascination with color and texture informs my work, both geometric and inspired by the natural world with occasional branching off into whimsical rockets and robots. While my subject matter may change, my unique technique remains the same. It is my bold use of color and application technique that drives students from around the world to seek me out as a teacher. Why do I draw on metal? Because for me, jewelry is about intimacy and connection. It has a history of marking special moments in time and it is one of the rare art forms that we carry out into the world with us. We use it to tell the outside world something about ourselves.

    Lately, I spend most of my time teaching. I delight in sharing my skills and bringing students together to learn and to share their own skills and stories. For me, teaching is more than just imparting information. There is a shared joy in giving a student that “aha” moment when something really changes for them. I love guiding their skills to the next level.

    After coming to the mountains of Western North Carolina from the flat lands of northern Illinois, to teach at Penland School of Crafts, I decided to make it my home. It's a decision I have never regretted. Surrounded by natural beauty ,a strong arts community, and a partner who is equally creative, I have been able to flourish. These days I no longer do art fairs but I do show my work in galleries and exhibitions. I teach in the US and abroad and also virtually. My most recent endeavor has been the invention and creation of two new tools for jewelers. As the granddaughter of a tool and die maker perhaps that was inevitable!

  • Artist: Deb Karash