Collection: Artist: Berlin Randall

  • One day I left the corporate world behind and I never looked back....

    Since early childhood, I've always been attracted to ornate objects, vessels and tiny treasures. Though I've always been creative with an active imagination, I've never quite considered myself to be an "artist." But I believe that art comes from inspiration, and when I discovered metalsmithing, I became very inspired by the process of working and manipulating metals. In January 2004, after leaving my stressful corporate job, I enrolled in a beginner metal-smith class at a local community arts center. I was hooked, and over the next two and half years I enrolled in one or two classes each quarter.

    In June of 2006, opportunity fell into my lap, I was hired to work two days a week as the studio assistant to a locally well-known jeweler and gallery owner in Roswell, GA. Working under an established, successful jeweler has really been an incredible learning experience, greatly accelerating my skills and my confidence. Now I can combine my love for tiny treasures with the skills and craftsmanship I've developed as a metalsmith. My work is play, and every day I get to create my own original designs using precious metals and gemstones. Occasionally, I use gold, brass, or copper, but Argentium sterling silver is currently my metal of choice. "Why?" Because it is highly tarnish resistant and it doesn't produce fire scale, sometimes impossible to remove and just a nuisance.

    Today, I live in my hometown of Marietta, Georgia with my husband and our cat, Dini. When I'm not creating my own jewelry designs or working as a studio assistant, I like spending time with my family, gardening, or entertaining friends. I have definitely found my happy place in this life and I couldn't feel more blessed.

    Favorite quotes:

    “Blessed are the cracked, for they shall let in the light.” ― Groucho Marx

    “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know.” ― Albert Einstein

  • Artist:  Berlin Randall