Collection: Artist: Ann Candler

  • "My goal is to create paintings that evoke a sense of peace and expansiveness for the viewer. My work is both a response to the immense beauty of the world, and to its inherent and induced complexity.

    I work with subject matter that I connect with visually and symbolically - from natural places in the region, to references of places where I have lived or traveled. I am drawn to lakes, rivers, trees, and back-lit scenes, to the quiet grandeur of filtered light, and to the silhouettes it creates.

    Though my work is highly representational, I am influenced by, and have reverence for, both classical and modern art in my painting. I use the framework of the subject matter as an opportunity to work with color relationships and textural subtleties, to translate atmosphere and experience into paintings, through thoughtful placement of layers, and layers, of oil paint.

    Moments captured in a painting at times become allegorical - symbols of broader, more universal human themes that I hope will have as much resonance for the viewer, as they do for me."

  • Artist:  Ann Candler