Artist: Bianca Mitchell

Bianca Mitchell
Artist Statement for Lucy Clark Gallery

Through the years, I have utilized painting, drawing, and computer illustration to explore a sense of place and a need for belonging. Over time, this exploration has led to map making, a natural evolution to my prior explorations. In the age of GPS and Google, nostalgia is naturally linked to map making, because we no longer need maps in the functional sense. However, the questions of what it means to be a part of a community and to co-exist with nature are timeless.

I enjoy exploring our traditional monuments of streets, buildings, etc with the fleeting natural landscape to which we belong. There is an emotional resonance in recognizing and embracing the endurance of nature. Creating maps, puts into scale the largeness of the world, our duty to protect and guard what is beautiful and enduring.

Bianca Mitchell holds a BA in Art from Brevard College. She currently lives and works in Transylvania County.