Artist: Mike Merritt

Mike Merritt
My birdhouse business started in 2009 with the downturn in the housing market. My work as a carpenter disappeared so I got to spend more time in my shop.  I made my very first birdhouse for my better half and she knew I was on to something.  

So, I bought my birdhouses to a local farmers market and was amazed by all of the encouraging comments and sales. Right then and there I decided to give this birdhouse business a try and have been making and selling birdhouses ever since!

The business keeps me busy and I look forward to each new year of opportunities and birdhouse designs. 

Life is good for this "Birdhouse Guy" as my fellow artists know me! I love to travel throughout the Southeast meeting like-minded artists and bird lovers and feel very fortunate to be living the dream of having a business, doing what I love to do - ART!

​Happy Birding!!
Mike Merritt