Bronze Talisman Earrings MLR62E
Bronze Talisman Earrings MLR62E
Meryl Lefkovich

Bronze Talisman Earrings MLR62E

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Lost wax cast Sterling Silver Talisman Earrings

Total length:  3"

Meryl uses traditional forms of metalsmithing and the ancient craft of lost wax casting in which hard wax is carved, sculpted and then cast into metal. Into these forms and shapes are added gemstones and raw diamonds.  

Some of Meryl's jewelry components are cast from actual plants which she then incorporates by soldering them onto her creations. 

Traditional methods include heating and handforming metal, soldering, hammering and sawing...all techniques done by hand with any number of tools. 

She also utilizes the ancient Korean method of Keum boo in which she fuses 24K gold in thin layers to silver