Artist: Mark V’Soske


Mark V’Soske


Photographing since 1967 and self-taught, I started my craft learning to develop and print black and white and color film in a darkroom. I was an early adopter of digital in the mid 90’s and digital continues to be my medium today. While my photography has been focused on travel, people, and landscapes I am now exploring the world of still life photography utilizing the Light Painting process.

Light Painting is a technique using small light sources to paint light on still life compositions in complete darkness. Light painting has the ability to show the quality and play of light on objects. It can transform a common object into an object of beauty. Light Painting helps to create depth, color, texture and at times, illusion.

Each one of my images tells a different story. Some are simply the beauty of an item that may have been junk and some will tell the story of an activity or event. The story of each image can be up to the viewer. I am attempting to show the transformation of and appreciation for everyday common items simply by utilizing light.

I have been influenced by Renaissance artists such as Caravaggio and Dutch artists including Vermeer who masterfully utilized light. Light defines, hides and conceals as well as exposes what isn’t normally noticed in life, and Light Painting allows me to accomplish this challenge.