Artist: Janet Renfro

Previously, my artist expression has been with fabric and my professional career was as a third grade teacher. Upon retirement and at the urging of my best friend, I took a pottery class. I continued for two years attending a weekly class learning how to handle clay, but never enjoying the class projects. Meanwhile, I was setting up a studio, spending every possible moment in clay, and finding my direction.

My Japanese gardens and my love for the Japanese culture provided me with the inspiration for my first three dimensional wall hanging. It then became my concentration to create one of a kind statement pieces with an Asian influence, but still for my own enjoyment. I showed a piece to a good friend, who I had met at Southern Highland Craft Guild many years ago. She convinced me to apply to shows and guilds and walked me through the steps. I was accepted to every show I applied for my first year and have also been accepted in Foothills Art Guild in Knoxville, TN and Southern Highlands Craft Guild in Asheville, NC.

A few valued artist friends as well as my beloved son Grant, gave me the confidence to pursue life as an artist. I am living the dream I did’t know I had or would allow myself to explore. My business name is Serenity Artist Designs. The peace, total contentment, pleasure, and joy is something I have never before known. The minute my hands touch the clay, my world changes from sadness and chaos to totally absorbed in the moment with nothing but “Serenity”. It is an experience I want to continue in the fourth quarter of my life and I wish the same for the viewers of my creations.