Artist: HM Levan

Artist Bio

To give you a little insight on my artistic background, I grew up in Chester County, Pennsylvania (Wyeth country, home to the Brandywine River Museum) and then went to PCA (now University of the Arts) where I graduated in 1978 (BFA in Painting) with honors and received a painting award.

     After college I exhibited with the Allentown Art Alliance, the Anna Kemmerer Museum in Bethlehem and then had my first child.  I then lucked into a design career and for almost 30 years was partner in a small design firm, Levan Design.  We worked as graphic designers, product designers and photographers in the china and glass industry.  

 Around 2005 I gradually retired from design work and started to paint full time.  It has always been my first interest and I have never looked back.  I have had 3 solo shows at The Gmeiner Art and Cultural Center in Wellsboro PA and have also shown in Harrisburg and in New York in a show curated by Jerry Saltz. 

     Where I live has a great deal of bearing on my work.  It is a very inconvenient, beautiful rural part of northern Pennsylvania - an hour away from the good grocery store but our water tastes great and we are outnumbered here by deer, black bears and a fantastic variety of beautiful birds and trees. We live in a house that we built ourselves over a period of 11 years.  We had a 5 year plan but that didn't quite work out. We live with two dogs and two cats.

Artist Statement

Painting is for me a non-verbal activity so whatever I write here is a rough translation and doesn’t really touch the actual experience.  I rely on the observable world and work toward finding something that resonates in what I see.  Every painting takes me to a different place and I try to follow with a full heart.  It is very common for me to work on a painting and at an impasse wipe it all down and work with the remaining ghosts of an image.  The painting seems to dictate where it wants to go. What I work toward is for the painting to take me somewhere - not necessarily to the place I observe but to something elusive and keenly felt.