Artist: G Glass

g glass

Glen Hardymon

 I began collecting art in the late 80s -- primarily works on paper and prints.  I was introduced to the Penland School of Craft in the early 90s and soon became fascinated with glass as a medium.  I was honored to be elected to the Penland Board and Board members were encouraged to take a class so that they might better understand Penland and why students sought to become “makers”.  In November of 2011, before retiring at the end of that year as an attorney, I took a class with Tim Tate followed by a week of instruction with Shane Fero - Tim and Shane have been my mentors in my journey to becoming a flame worker.  I use borosilicate glass for my sculptures and chain link bracelets and necklaces and use soft “Moretti” glass for color.  Some years ago, I became fascinated with glass chains which make up the core of my jewelry.  The process I use for crafting the glass chains has evolved over the years—it is tedious, but I view the results as very rewarding.  A few years ago, in connection with a commission for some blue wedding earrings I began making hollow beads primarily out of transparent glass and incorporating them into my earrings.  The hollow beads are extremely light!  I enjoy being a “maker” and continue to explore what can be done with a torch and a glass rod.