Artist: Elizabeth Lemon

Elizabeth Lemon


Elizabeth Lemon has always loved fabric and all kinds of fiber art.  Sewing and knitting her own clothing has been a lifelong joy.  She a maker!  From costuming to sweaters to quilting to gardening, she loves to make and do things with her hands.

At 62 Elizabeth decided to spend the rest of her life as an artist…she calls it Aging into Artistry the Left-Brained Way.  After taking many classes in various mixed media, she discovered silk painting.

Painting on silk is melds her love of Georgia O’Keeffe, Chinese watercolor and fabric!  Her work is painted with liquid French silk dyes on to a stretched piece of white silk.  It's so magical when the dyes touch silk!  The colors are so vibrant, and the results are most often a surprise.  Wax and other products are often used to preserve a color, stop the flow of dye and enhance the work. When painting is complete, the silk is steamed to set the dyes, then washed and ironed.

Sometimes her art is worn ... and often it is carefully varnished on to a canvas to finish or frame and hang.  Many of her silks can be hung as art with magnetic hangers and taken down and worn ... truly wearable silk art.  Sometimes it is used as a gift wrap - using the Japanese art of Furoshiki.  Furoshiki is a beautiful, functional way to use a silk scarf or squares of fabric to enhance a gift and the wrapping does not end up in the landfill.  It is a gift that keeps on giving.

Painting on silk is so enthralling that Elizabeth has turned a dark gardening/storage garage into a beautiful art studio!  Able to play with silk and watercolors in a lovely space really enables the magical process of creation.   

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