Collection: Artist: Cynthia Wilson

  • “Although I paint from nature, there is a certain point when the painting becomes something other than a representation of what I see. I use certain metaphors for life as I experience it. The theme of floating leaves has been part of my work for at least thirty years and is about change and transcendence. The idea came while I was working as an illustrator at the University of Alabama in Huntsville and was asked to produce a cover illustration for a lecture about Elizabeth Kubler Ross’s book about death and dying. I began to think about it in a symbolic way and remembered my parents’ pond that I enjoyed as a youth. The still water reflected sky and trees above it. As the leaves fell onto the surface, their colors were rich and vibrant, much as we are when young. As the leaves submerged, they began to fade and eventually slipped to the floor of the pond to become food and shelter for future generations of frogs and other aquatic creatures. This is what living a meaningful life and dying with grace is about for me. We can all learn lessons from nature that help us attain richer and more creative lives for ourselves and those who follow us.

    After receiving a BFA from Auburn, I began a career in graphic design. Starting as an illustrator at Southern Living Magazine and moving into a position as a court room illustrator with a television station and continuing the journey as an Art Director at several advertising agencies. Finally, I began painting full time and had my art juried into exhibitions including American Watercolor Society, National Academy of Design, Academic Artists, Allied Artists, Pennsylvania Watercolor Society, South Carolina Watercolor Society, National Society of Painters in Casein and Acrylic among others. I attained signature status in several of these prestigious groups and went on to sit on the Board of Directors for Catharine Lorillard Wolfe in New York City. Because I have had 25 one-person shows in various parts of the country, I have had work selected for corporations, hospitals and museums and was featured in “Artists” magazine as well as in books by Rockport Publishing. Locally, I’ve painted two bears for Bearfootin’ in Hendersonville; have had art selected for Hendersonville’s banner project downtown as well as having judged several regional art competitions. I was also honored with a feature in Asheville Made magazine. I have enjoyed teaching workshops and classes for adults as well as children and feel that passing on my passion for painting has been an important part of my life as an artist.

  • Artist:  Cynthia Wilson