Artist: Cathyann Burgess

Soft Pastel, pure pigment with little binder and oil paints are housed in
two stations set up for me in my studio, to create luminous, serene and
contemplative landscapes. I am happiest in that space.
I love the challenge of orchestrating a blank canvas into a symphony of
color. The media becomes an intuitive partner as I mix, lay in and scrape
my way into a scene.
Some days the dance is fluid and pleasurable and I let go, allowing the
brush, palette knife or color sticks to glide, turn and twist the creamy
colored mixtures into an impression of something not only witnessed
but experienced; wind through the trees, temperature and light and
sounds of water gently falling over cracks and crevices in the earth.
I try to convey, through my paintings, a presence larger than myself that
I hope will resonate with the viewer.
Cathyann Burgess 2021